Sock Monkey PajamasBelieve it or not, before the invention of video games and television, children had a few basic toys and only their imaginations to entertain them. There was also a time when mothers made toys from household items rather than going to the store and picking out something off the shelf.

One of the most popular toys made by mothers all over the country was a stuffed sock monkey. Mothers could take an old pair of socks, cut it up, stuff it, and sew it back together to make these wonderful stuffed monkeys to give to their children.

Take a good look around and you will see that the sock monkey is making a come back in a big way.

You can find modern versions of them in stores and printed on tee-shirts and backpacks. They are even featured in car commercials for a major car manufacturer!

But why are these little stuffed toys so popular? Ask any adult that used to have one and they will tell you it is because these little stuffed creatures remind them of a much simpler time. These toys are very symbolic of a time when children could play endlessly and imagine almost anything. It brings back a reminder of a very carefree time and holds wonderful memories for many people.

With all these feel good memories, what better way to introduce your own children to what used to bring you great joy as a child than to give your child a set of sock monkey pajamas?

These pajama sets are available in all sizes and a wide variety of colors and styles.

For the colder seasons, you can get a flannel set with just the faces of the sock monkey or even with different sock monkeys playing with toys on them.

They are just a fun and simple gift that is appropriate for boys or girls, younger kids, teenagers or even adults. Just seeing the designs brings smiles to many adult faces and the whimsical expressions of the sock monkeys will be sure to make your child laugh. So instead of getting your child a video game or an impersonal gift card, pick up a set of sock monkey pajamas and remind them of their own imagination

- Holly

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